Many factors can change the connection speed. To guarantee the validity of the test, you must ensure that the computer:

  • is connected directly to the modem.
    Note: It is necessary to reinitialize the modem (press the Reset button) whenever you change the equipment connected to it.

  • is not running other tasks.
    It is important to shut down all applications, navigation windows and tabs. Only the speed test window must be open. You must open Task Manager (in Windows), click on the Application tab and then close all the applications.

  • is connected to the Internet.
    You must open Task Manager (in Windows) and click on the Networking tab to check that the Local Area Connection graph is at zero.

How do I optimize my Internet connection speed?

Several external factors can influence your connection speed. If the speeds attained do not measure up to your expectations, the following elements should be verified.

  • Your installation
    It is possible that the router, which is used frequently to connect several computers to the Internet, causes slowdowns. Various factors may be in question:
    • Router capacity: it is essential to ensure that this capacity is sufficient and that the firewall configuration does not block your connection.
    • Use of a wireless router: it is important to verify that the router is secured suitably. If this is not the case, you run the risk that the connection will be used without your knowledge. Also, use of such a router causes interference, which can slow down your connection.
    • Network sharing: if several computers are interconnected, your Internet access speed is divided among the workstations.
  • Your computer
    The computer's operation can influence your Internet access. The presence of a virus or a Trojan horse, poor firewall configuration and execution of certain procedures (update, save, antivirus analysis, etc.) can slow down the connection.

  • Your use
    • Sites: in case of heavy visitation of a given site, it is possible that access is saturated. This will slow down your connection.
    • File sharing software: applications such as BitTorrent, Kazaa or LimeWire (peer to peer or P2P) use a high transfer capacity. It is preferable to verify that the icons of these programs are not on your toolbar.

Finally, there are imponderables. Like any network, the Internet can suffer congestion. To avoid this type of annoyance for its customers, Videotron constantly upgrades its network.

What are the minimum technical requirements of the speed test?

To maximize performance of the speed test, you must ensure that your computer is equipped with one of the following Internet browsers and that the Javascript function is activated:

  • Google Chrome 56 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox 51 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge 14 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 10 or newer

Internet connection speed test